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Our estimated calculation of the total number of pages on the internet web is based on 80 million pages in 1998 and a increase to around pages in year 2002... including a "growthfactor" of 1.001. We assume that there is some kind of exponential function related to the growth of the internet, meaning that if 1000 people create 1000 pages, then 2000 people will not create 2000 pages, but 2001 pages. 4000 people creates 4002 (not 4000) pages... In plain words meaning there is currently 15.2254102 new pages added to the internet every second! This seems, as this is (re)written in 2006, as this is (re-re)written in 2013, to be indirectly supported by reports of internet usage.

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We convert your argument to lowercase and the description and URL that is being searched, are also converted to lowercase during search, allthough displayed in it's original form...


This is NOT Google, This is not Yahoo. This is the Dooley.Dk links database. You can't submit links, and your link will not be read, even if you place some meta tags on your pages. The only way links are being included (or excluded) in this engine, is by being visited by the "DooleySurfBot", which is an alias of the webmaster/slave, Dooley himself. In other words, every link in this base has been "hand or mouse picked" by Dooley, in the period from 1996 up to now... The criteria for this selection is mainly that the links are being funny, interesting, informative or even useful ...


The Dooley.Dk link database contain special characters like the 3 following from the Danish language: Å and å equals å (å) - Ø and ø equals ø (ø) - Æ and æ equals æ (æ) - Special characters like this are contained in the original form and translated to HTML tag during display. They are fully seachable, if your keyboard has them....

Please note, that we have at PIT catagory, with new, old and dead links. This catagory is also searched as the last database catagory...
At the random link pick function the PIT catagory is discarded.