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The Ugly Ties Club, De Grimme Slipses Klub

founded 1988, grundlagt 1988


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Welcome to the official Ugly Ties site. Your source for information on the art of wearing and celebrating the major percentage of neckties; the world of ugly ties...
To the left you find our gallery of ugly ties, below the history of 'The ugly ties club', the ugly tie club law, pictures of necktie needle and the proud members of the club. We welcome you to our ugly necktie universe...

The Ugly Ties Club

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If you dont wear an ugly tie, then sit down and cry...
As a member of TUTC (The Ugly Ties Club, in Danish DGSK - De Grimme Slipses Klub) there's a very complicated rule set you have to obey. Those I won't TIEr you goin' through in this paragraph, but as you probably may have thought, it's about ugly ties. NECKTIES !. YES, you're completely, absolutely and without any reasonably doubt, RIGHT.

Mission statement...
The Ugly Ties Club is working for the world to know
more about
the quality of ugly ties,
the design of ugly ties,
the fabrication of ugly ties,
the mental increased mind relating to wearing ugly ties.
And so forth...

The Ugly Ties Club laws (in Danish)
TUTC prize

The Ugly Ties Club history
Croat volunteer of French Army,
wearing Cravat, 17th century

Origin of Neckties...
KRAVATA - the origin of the neck tie - Every morning, each of the 600 million men around the world who ties a tie around his neck is honoring a tradition which originated shortly after the Thirty Years War (1618-1648), in which Croatian soldiers attracted attention with the unusual fashion statement they wore around their necks: a small neckerchief of silk or cloth, tied in a knot. From the renaissance to the modern day, that article of clothing has survived changes in size, shape and material, but has remained an unmistakable masculine adornment. The name entered the vocabulary around 1650, but the cravatte itself has changed to reflect the spirit of the times. It epitomized 19th century Bourgeois rigidness. Today, it serves as the mark of the businessman, expressing ambition, knowledge and comfortable elegance...

Indeed, the tie was suitably born soaked in blood. The word "cravat" comes from "Croat", the nationality of the soldiers who won Turkey (previously in the Austro-Hungarian Empire) for Louis XIV of France, and who marched victoriously into Paris adorned in colourful silk handkerchiefs tied around their necks. The French King soon copied this style and began a similar fashion among the European aristocravats, pun intended. Indeed, Louis XIV called an entire regiment the Royal Cravattes. Most reference books blame the necktie on the French. The tie evolved from the French cravat, a scarf tied around the neck. The French called it a cravat in reference to the Croatians, who wore colorful scarves around their neck in battle....

Origin of The Ugly Ties Club (in Danish: De Grimme Slipses Klub)...
It started back in 1988 where Helge, Michael and Kurt got together to celebrate Christmas over a dinner. Around 10 were expected to join, but only Stig showed up. For reasons hidden in the past, everyone had to wear an ugly tie. Due to the overestimate of people showing up, no shortage of beer and food occurred. The classical game 'Kaste gris' was introduced (with looser obligation to empty a beer in one turn). The next game was turn of aces (with looser obligation to empty a beer in one turn). The Ugly Ties Club was born. After this initial meeting, thing got more in shape over the years, with the annual 'Generalforsamling', the official laws of TUTC, the needle and several midsummer tours...

The TUTC relics...
No many has seen the inside of the TUTC and the rituals and equipment used during the annual "generalforsamling". Here are some of the secrets. "Ølbægeret" (left) contains exactly 0,33 litre of Danish beer. It's used by award-winners receiving their prize. "Øloplukkeren" (middle) is used to open the beer bottles. "Den syngende snapsepæl" (right) is containing "snaps", a Danish traditional liqueur often accompanied by "en sildemad".

TUTC relics

A necktie needle, the symbol of style and class...
You may know that you can put a piece of metal on your tie. Some say it's to prevent your tie from taking a dip in the soup, when you sit down. It's called a needle, or more complete a necktie needle. TUTC (The Ugly Ties Club), of course, has their own member needle as you can see below...

Dooley picture

The needle was produced in 1997 to celebrate the year 1998 10-year of TUTC: a decade of prosperous and successful agitation for the right to proudly wear an ugly tie...

tutc all ex. Jacob and PE - alefestival 2002
Proud members of The Ugly Ties Club / De Grimme Slip's Klub...

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