All in all, as time goes by, we have microseconds left to fix the bugs

year(s) month(s) day(s) hour(s) minute(s) second(s)

Please note, that this date calculation may not be year 10000 ready...!!!
Also note that the year calculation is'nt exact (Calibrated 1999-12-24, 2004-12-31, 2009-12-31, 2011-12-31, 2013-12-31)
due to the definition of a tropical year and Gregorian calendar (365.242184 days in year 2100).
In approx. 2000 leap years, from year 2000, it will start to fit in...

Take it as a guess...maybe the sun or the milky way starts rotating a bit quicker one of these days...

Read more about calendars issues on our TCP/IP calendar page.

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"The year 10000 is less than 8000 years ahead and no one is doing anything to adjust and preparing anything, including analog, digital, biological clocks, in computers or anywhere else. As reported in 1997 80% (200+ billion lines) of all code was COBOL and not safe from 2-4 digit year problems. Repeating history in so called modern programming languages like java, c++, sharp, PL/1, assembler :-) and other present and upcomming languages, HAS NOT YET, addressed the issue of 5 digit year notation... There's only a few years left to fix past sins - Action has to be taken, NOW!! and not later than within the next 7990 years :-) - If anything is learned from history it is that this will most likely be acknowledged, and be a surprise for everyone late 9998 and fixed in the year 9999. May your clock be with you. Tom Kjeldsen, July 2010"

Tom Kjeldsen, A count manager :-) (actually just a mainframe systems programmer, who managed to survive the year 2000 computer clock crossing along with the mainframe...:-), feel free to visit us at Dooley.Dk or stay on this page aka :-)